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Winter fair from 11.11.2019 to 31.01.2020

BCM AVS Wintermesse

Winter fair 2019/2020

Conifers, deciduous shrubs, rhododendrons and bamboos - this year we show the entire range in our exhibition this winter. But instead of just showing individual plants, one focus is on the homogenous and high quality with larger quantities. On a walk through the greenhouses our visitors can see an overview of the entire production, but the main focus is on the conceptual implementation at the point of sale.

"Offering new, well thought-out concepts is becoming increasingly important to our customers. Here we would like to offer the best possible support and provide sales materials such as illustrated folders and meaningful, emotional sales labels", says Managing Director Christoph Marken of the upcoming winter trade fair.

In addition to the already well-known and very successful concept Lucky Berry®, fruit-bearing blueberries and strawberries for 4 months, raspberry will be added next year to complete the Berry Trio. All three varieties are available from spring. On request, sales materials such as folders, posters, banners and even the entire structure of wooden boxes with a market-stand character are also offered to the customer.

Brand new we present the fragrance concept Fl'Aroma®. For the development, a perfumer was specifically commissioned to categorize the possible Philadelphus varieties according to their fragrance colors and intensities. 12 varieties have made it into this concept, which offers something for every taste: sweet and fruity, fresh and woody or floral - every customer will find their favorite Philadelphus at Fl'Aroma®. In the flowering period from May to July, the fragrance intensifies the visual experience for the customer in the sales room, but also outside the flowering period, the plants are attractively staged. In addition to the appealing flower photos and plant information, an illustration of the fragrance assignment is displayed on a large flap label. The logo is held in a noble metallic colour to reinforce the association of a perfumery. The plants are offered in the matching, white 4.7-liter container in a size of 50/60 cm.

Even the established concepts will find their place in this year's winter fair.

Carefully selected conifers, which convince by their exceptional winter hardiness and an attractive growth, are presented in a golden pot almost royally. From Abies koreana 'Kohouts Ice Breaker®` to Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Rashahiba' to Pinus strobus 'Green Curls' the Premium conifers offer a noble and proud sight all year round. They are also particularly suitable for planting in a pot.

In addition to the common fruits such as blueberries, raspberries or blueberries, the Polar Fruits® concept also offers more unusual varieties such as Sibirian blue berry (Lonicera kamtschatica), Western Juneberry (Amelanchier alnifolia) or Cornel berry (Cornus mas). All selected varieties are extremely frost-resistant and robust, they defy even Scandinavian and Russian winters down to -35 ° C. The plants are also offered in the 4.7-liter pot with large, five-language label, on which the recognizable snowflake and the international note "Totally Hardy" are printed.

Customers and interested parties are requested to register in advance by e-mail to Enable JavaScript to view protected content., Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or by phone with 0049 4488-52080.