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We see ourselves as a social responsible employer with a familiar working atmosphere. We take equal treatment at eye level for granted and a central part of our corporate philosophy as well.


We are particularly proud of our well-coordinated and qualified team, which ensures the highest plant and service quality. Our competent, efficient and engaged employees are the basis for our business success.

As an attractive and responsible employer, we take care of our employees' needs. We offer a familiar working atmosphere, equal interaction at eye level and an attractive working relationship. In order to achieve mutual success and to ensure the motivation of our employees, we offer trainings on the job. Our main goal is an open communication culture and a trustful relationship with all employees and business partners.


Our corporate actions are always characterized by the awareness to save resources and biodiversity to protect the environment also for future generations.


Our entrepreneurial actions are always characterized by the awareness of saving resources and the protection of biodiversity for future generations. With our work we want to contribute to a sustainable social development.

As part of a sustainable development, we want a continuous improvement together with our suppliers. We actively promote environmentally friendly production along the entire supply chain. In that respect, we have initiated and already implemented several projects.

Together with our main supplier, the nursery BCM Baumschule Christoph Marken GmbH & Co. KG, we use water sparingly. All cultivation areas for container plants are connected to a closed water circuit. Rainwater and irrigation water that is not absorbed by plants flows back into irrigation ponds, which thus provide a habitat for a wide variety of animals.

We separate our cultivation areas by planting hedges already for years. In this way, we protect these areas from strong wind, which provides more stability and a better plant quality. For many birds and other animals this also creates shelter and nesting opportunities.

To close the plastic cycle for plant pots, we sell our plants in coloured pots. Compared to conventional black pots, the pots are recognized by sorting facilities during the sorting process and can be recycled.

We have decided to use environmentally friendly materials in our plant culture substrates and to replace peat in the whole assortment in long term. In the recent years, we have achieved a 30% reduction of peat substitutes and intend to continuously increase this together with our suppliers.

You will find further information about our projects on plant protection, green manuring and biodiversity, in our brochure.

As part of a functioning circular economy, we make our contribution against climate change and environmental degradation by reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. The study "ressources SAVED by recycling" by Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT confirmed us a resource saving of 3870kg in mixed plastics and additionally a saving of 640kg greenhouse gases for 2020.


We are maintaining a major focus on the expansion of our product range. With sustainability, economic and ecological progress we are developing regional and long-term partnerships.


Our assortment includes a variety of conifers, rhododendren, roses, bamboo and deciduous shrubs in 1 liter to 1000 liter containers. Through our large supplier network, we bear responsibility towards our customers and suppliers.

Together with our business partners, our goal is to constantly improve our standards and spread them throughout our business, because improvement can only be achieved together with all parties involved.

We want to create binding guidelines for all companies involved in the supply chain to ensure lawful conduct in accordance with national and international legal requirements. We want to use the Code of Conduct as a basis for regular exchange with our suppliers in order to build long-term and sustainable business relationships. With our Code of Conduct and joining the supplier platform SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), we have taken a further step to continuously improve the supply chain and expand transparency for partners.  

Our Code of Conduct is based on the ETI Base Code of the Ethical Trading Initiative. The ETI Base Code is based on the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and is an internationally recognized code of labour practice. The ETI is a coalition of companies, unions and voluntary organizations working in partnership to improve the lives of workers around the world. For more information, visit www.ethicaltrade.org.

You can read more about this in our Code of Conduct.

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