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Fl'Aroma® - the Philadelphus-Fragrance-Assortment



Fl'Aroma® - New Fragrance Concept 2020

Perfumer analyzed Philadelphus varieties for an olfactory attraction at the Piont of Sale

The fragrant, white flowers of Philadelphus attract not only insects and especially the bee into the garden: With our new fragrance concept Fl'Aroma®, every plant lover can choose his plant according to individual taste from the 12 different Philadelphus. A perfumer analyzed the Philadelphus fragrances and sorted them into three segments: "Fruit & Citrus" stands for rather sweet, fruity fragrances, while "Chypre & Wood" stands for fresh, peppery to woody fragrances and "Floral" captures all the fresh, floral fragrances together.

Philadelphus varieties

The varieties range from the Philadelphus hybrid 'Lemon Beauty' with a rather sweet pineapple fragrance of intensity 2, which also resembles Jasminum grandiflorum, to the variety 'Spicy White' with a light pepper aroma of intensity 3, which is reminiscent of Freesia. "At the height of flowering, the distinctive fragrances enhance the emotional world of experience in the sales area and the purchasing decision," as CEO Christoph Marken describes. The flowering period varies from May to July, depending on the variety. But even outside the heyday the plant is staged, because in addition to the conventional flower photos and the plant information is also an illustration of the fragrance mapping on the large hinged label shown. The logo is held in a noble metallic hue to reinforce the association of a perfumery. The Avatar is a young woman who enjoys the pleasant and fresh scent of Philadelphus and thus appeals to the target group of the concept - women over 30 who enjoy their lives and focus on the beautiful things in life. The plants are sold in a matching, white 4.7 liter container in a size of 50/60 cm and depending on the variety, the plants can reach a height of one meter as the  Philadelphus hybrid 'Glorious Odor', but also can reach a height of up to three feet with the Philadelphus hybrid 'Starbright'.