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Fragrance Concept on the IPM

BCM Fl'ARoma

IPM 2020

In January the doors to the world's leading horticultural fair in Essen will open again. We will exhibit again and will present our brand new Philadelphus concept Fl´Aroma as well as the Lucky Berry Raspberry and the particularly hardy Polar Fruits.

Philadelphus Fl´Aroma

For the development of the Fl´Aroma fragrance concept, a perfumer was commissioned to assess the Philadelphus varieties by fragrance color and intensity. After analyzing the Philadelphus scents, they were sorted and packed into three segments: whether sweet-fruity, fresh and woody or floral. There is a suitable fragrance for every customer. The varieties range from `Lemon Beauty` with a rather sweet pineapple fragrance to the` Spicy White` variety, which produces a slight pepper note. The flowering period extends from May to July depending on the variety and during this time the plant at the PoS attracts everyone's attention. But even outside of the flowering period, the plant skillfully stages itself: the label and the logo are kept in a noble metallic tone to reinforce the association of a perfumery, together with an illustration of the fragrance assignment on the folding label, the conventional flower photos and plant information are supplemented. The plants are sold in a matching white 4.6 liter container in a size of 50/60 cm. Depending on the variety, the plants can reach a height of one meter as in Philadelphus' Glorious Odor ', but also a height of up to three meters with Philadelphus' Starbright'®.

Lucky berry raspberry

The successful Lucky Berry concept should not be missing at the IPM in Essen either. The 4-month blueberry and strawberry are growing: The 4-month raspberry joins in the spring and completes the trio. In order to increase sales at the PoS, customers can request sales-promoting materials such as rustic wooden boxes and a rustic PoS stand with market-like character that is accessible from all sides. Here the plants stand out clearly in eye-catching pots with white logo lettering. The lucky berry plants have successfully established themselves in the media through editorial mentions. PR campaigns have so far reached around 32 million readers of print and online publications. Lucky Berry was therefore found in more than 30 gardens, women, living and lifestyle magazines.

Polar Fruits

Extremely hardy berry bushes are grouped in the concept of Polar Fruits. In addition to the special frost hardness of up to -35 ° C, the concept offers further added value: The flowers of the fruit plants are an important source of food for bees, bumblebees and butterflies. The colorful Polar Fruits range comprises a total of twelve varieties - including not only berry bushes such as Vaccinium corymbosum, Ribes nigrum and Ribes uva-crispa. Likewise, edible types such as Aronia prunifolia, Lonicera kamtschatica and Cornus mas belong to the range.

From January 28 to January 31, 2020, trade visitors can convince themselves at our joint stand with AVS in Hall 7.