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Get to know Lucky Berry®!

Lucky Berry® - delicious, healthy fruits

4-month Blueberry Lucky Berry®!

The whole summer delicious fruits fresh from the garden - with Vaccinium corymbosum Lucky Berry®!

Blueberries are especially popular with our little ones as a natural and sweet nib for in-between time, a reason for the berries hanging from the shrubat at one day and being completely harvested shortly afterwards.

That's different with Lucky Berry®: from July to October it carries sweet fruits and these are constantly ripening. So there is enough time to taste, snack and harvest. The Lucky Berry® is also suitable for the balcony and is therefore perfect for the domestic kitchen. The healthy snack with vitamin E and C is a small sweet delight for every guest in their own realm. Not only freshly picked, but also processed further, it tastes particularly delicious in pastries, pancakes, yoghurt or as a homemade blueberry jam.

Even outside the harvest season, the compact Lucky Berry® adorns itself with considerable white flowers. The Lucky Berry® needs a sunny to half-shady place in the green or on the local terrace for its sweetest fruits. But the domestic winter does not matter. If you look at all this, the Lucky Berry® offers small healthy berries with great effect for a long time.

Where there is the sweet green tidbit to buy and all information to plant and fruit the consumer can find at www.lucky-berry.de.
You can download the flyer here.