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Tropical Fl’Aroma®

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Tropical Fl’Aroma®

After the well-known Philadelphus Fl’Aroma® have quickly proven how sustainably they cast a spell on customers, we have now created a second Fl’Aroma® series with our own fragrance concept.

The new range includes seven different Trachelospermum varieties, whose fresh floral scents are perfectly described by their name TROPICAL Fl’Aroma®.

The varieties are all offered in a size of 60 to 80 cm in 5-liter containers. "We cultivate the Trachelospermum on espalier, so the climbing plants are not only given stability, the customer also has the opportunity to plant the TROPICAL Fl’Aroma® as a fragrant privacy screen, for example in a roll container," explains Christoph Marken.

Every single TROPICAL Fl’Aroma® opens up new sensual dimensions. This particularly addresses the female buyer group over 30 with a feeling for enjoyment, aesthetics and quality. The overall concept is also geared specifically to these customers: A professional perfumer was specially recruited to characterize the fragrance. The visual appearance includes the logo and pots in fresh mint green as well as informative, attractive plug-in labels with a scent circle as eye-catchers.

Experience has shown that during the flowering period it is the bouquets alone that seduce customers into buying: 'Fresh Delight' (light, delicate green), 'Graceful Vanilla' (soft, lovely), 'Blossom Star' (lovely, beguiling), 'Morning Haze' (flowery-fresh), 'Rosy Shower' (intense, opulent, fresh), 'White Flame' (beguiling, intense) and 'Exotic Jasmine' (strong, exotic). Outside of the flowering period, the stylish product design attracts attention.

Additional sales arguments are the year-round foliage, the attractive star-shaped flowers in yellow, white or rosé and, last but not least, the long blooming period from May to the first frosts. In winter, depending on their location, the plants need a protected intermediate roost.

For more information, our sales department is available to you as usual at any time by phone at 04488-5208-0 or by email at Enable JavaScript to view protected content..