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Sustainability we write in green!


Sustainability we write in green!

Peat & fertilization

Over recent years, we have continuously improved our plant culture media with a higher proportion of native-origin wood fibres. It means that this year, we will achieve the use 30% of peat substitutes. To fertilise our plants, we use a resin-coated delayed-release fertiliser, which is released 10 times more slowly than liquid fertiliser. It remains in the soil for longer and nutrients are continuously released to the plants over a longer period of time. This helps to protect the environment and reduces the amount required.


Naturally, we also conserve water as a resource. All our containerised areas are connected to a closed water circuit. All rainwater and irrigation water that is not absorbed by the plants flows back into the pool and can be effectively re-used. Irrigation control is computer-aided and is regulated with further interval watering control depending on the weather. In our experience, interval watering reduces water consumption by up to 20%. Water losses will be best prevented by the optimised expansion of our container areas and by the careful use of resources. The electric pumps, which replaced the diesel pumps some years ago and today fully drive the irrigation systems, also help with this.


In the last 10 years, we have been able to reduce the use of plant protection products on a like-for-like basis by over 60%. To control the growth of weeds, the plant growing media is systematically cleared of weeds before planting. All potted plants are also mulched with wood chips to control the growth of weeds. This measure also helps to reduce the evaporation of water by up to 20% during the growing period.

The entire operation is monitored on a daily basis for fungal disease. Diseased plants and parts of plants are removed. This largely prevents the spread of fungal diseases. We pay attention to cleanliness in the business and the good nutritional condition of the plants. We only treat plants with an appropriate pesticide when we identify the risk of a fungus. We buy young plants from producers who runs their businesses with the same levels of cleanliness and health as we do.

Our careful and meticulous cleanliness measures on the soil and throughout the entire business have significantly reduced the infestation of lice and mites. Our plant stock is monitored for this on an ongoing basis and, where necessary, we primarily use biologically effective plant protection products.


For many years, we have delimited our containerised areas by planting hedges. This provides the following benefits:

  • Wind protection – for improved stability of the plants and improved plant quality
  • Improved microclimate
  • Nesting opportunities for many birds and other small animals

Green manure

After intensive use with plants grown in the open ground all soil needs to recover and be supplied with nutrients before it is ready for replanting. We use green manure for this, which offers a number of benefits:

  • Shading of the soil, with less drying out even in periods of drought
  • Reduced soil erosion by the wind
  • Deep roots break up the soil aerating it, resulting in improved soil quality
  • The fallen leaf mass helps to form humus, with the nutrients being absorbed by the soil


We are constantly setting new objectives to improve our green standard and go one step further. One of these includes having our water inspected annually and our soil inspected up to four times a year by specially trained and independent experts and taking on board their advice on quality improvement .

At regular intervals, we also undertake a residue analysis on the fruit of our fruit trees, which helps us to monitor our progress and ensure the best possible result.

Thus innovations become our new standards!

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