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Plant Worlds 2021-2022

Fl'Aroma BCM

Plant Worlds 2021-2022

This year, from November 8th, 2021 to January 31st, 2022, we will once again be showing our wide range of products at our own in-house exhibition, “Plant Worlds” on over 5,000m².

“Probably the largest Mix-CC offer in the Ammerland,” says Christoph Marken with a wink. And it's not far-fetched - over 100 different, pre-assembled CC offers are waiting for our visitors. We show a large selection of hydrangeas, fruit trees, conifers and bamboo.

But our concepts also find their place again. Among other things, the new blueberry concept "Sweet Symphony Blue", consisting of a mix of three specially selected Vaccinium varieties, will be presented. The comparable giant blueberries have a diameter of up to 2cm and are therefore great to be nibbled directly. They are characterized by a sweet and juicy-fruity taste. Due to their compact growth, the three plants Berry Blues, Sweet Juicy Beats and Blue Sugar Pop can also be used as container plants.

Also on display in the exhibition are the four-month berry varieties of the Lucky Berry®, which this year have expanded to include the Lucky Berry® blackberry, as well as the Picnic Pearls, which are also suitable for hedge planting, are evergreen and hardy.

Our fragrance and fruit concepts are, of course, particularly in focus again. Interested customers can find out more about the already very successful concepts GRAND Fl’Aroma® (Philadelphus) and TROPICAL Fl’Aroma® (Trachelospermum). In addition to its white flowers, the GRAND Fl’Aroma® also impresses with its floral scent and attracts a number of insects, including bees. The TROPICAL Fl’Aroma® due to its delicate, star-shaped flowers and a fresh but intense fragrance. It is not without reason that these two concepts are in the finals of this year's TASPO Awards at the same time as the Polar Fruits® concept. Because the Polar Fruits® also have a lot to offer and can be admired here. The concept includes 12 hardy berry varieties that stand out due to their particular winter hardiness, as they can withstand temperatures down to -35 ° C. The Polar Fruits® are available in 4.7 liter pots with a five-language label.

Make an appointment, we look forward to your visit.