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Come and visit us at IPM 2024

Lively Fl'Aroma IPM Essen AVS

IPM in Essen 2024

For the 40th anniversary of IPM Essen, we are once again presenting our strong concepts, which have some new products in store for spring 2024.

The Fl'Aroma® family, which has been successful since 2020 and consists of fragrant Philadelphus (GRAND) and Trachelospermum (TROPICAL), is now supplemented by the brand new azalea concept LIVELY. Their lively and colorful variety of colors was the deciding factor for the name of LIVELY Fl'Aroma®, which is made up of four fragrant azaleas. Each individual variety is characterized by an seductive scent and an outstanding floral bloom. This shines in the colors pink, red, yellow or white.

With its particularly long harvest time for the huge berries, the Sweet Symphony® Blue blueberry trio has already proven itself more than worthy of being called a “fruit symphony”. The raspberry 'Sweet Pink O'Mine' is now presented under the name Sweet Symphony® Pink and combines healthy, upright growth with an abundant harvest. The bright pink berries of the summer raspberry are ripe from July and are best harvested directly from the bush due to their unbeatable fruity-sweet taste. The harvested branches are then cut back in autumn so that the new shoots have enough space to grow in spring.

Of course, the still unbeatable berry concepts Lucky Berry®, Polar Fruits® and the climate-friendly Wisebear® are also represented. Visit us at our joint stand with BCM – we look forward to seeing you!