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Come and visit us at IPM 2023

Wisebear IPM Essen AVS

IPM in Essen 2023

The IPM in Essen starts on January 24th and invites companies in the green sector to present their products and innovations in the range of plants, technology, floristry and equipment until January 27th, 2023. We will also offer our climate hero 'Wisebear'® its well-deserved place at our stand, as well as our equally successful concepts Fl'Aroma®, Lucky Berry® and Sweet Symphony® Blue.


In general, bamboo is one of the most climate-friendly plants on earth. It can absorb up to 500 tons of CO2 per hectare from the air over a period of 10 years. This is reason enough for us to launch a new concept this year: 'Wisebear'® – the climate-friendly bamboo, which also looks great. Compared to other bamboo varieties, the 'Wisebear'® is able to use its withered leaves as its own source of nutrients and thus forms its own cycle. In addition to its extremely healthy growth, it is very hardy and is suitable for planting in hedges, as a solitary plant or in a bucket. The 'Wisebear'® also stands out visually from other common varieties with its dark, closely spaced culms. Its strong root development in the center of the plant quickly leads to many new shoots. The 'Wisebear'® grows quickly and quickly develops into an impressive plant without root runners. It grows best in moist, nutrient-rich soil in sun or partial shade.

The new bamboo is available in a blue 5-litre pot and comes with a plug-in label showing the climate-friendly technical information. Every customer can easily reduce their own carbon footprint with the 'Wisebear'®.


In order to awaken the desire for summer in the (still) frosty temperatures, our fragrant flowering wonders are ready at the trade fair. The new series includes seven different Trachelospermum varieties, whose fresh flower scents are perfectly described by their name TROPICAL Fl'Aroma®. Every single TROPICAL Fl'Aroma® opens up new sensual dimensions. This particularly appeals to female buyers over 30 with a feeling for enjoyment, aesthetics and quality. The overall concept also caters specifically to these customers: a professional perfumer was hired to characterize the fragrance. The visual appearance includes the logo and pots in fresh mint green as well as informative, attractive plug-in labels with a circle of scents as an eye-catcher.

Additional sales arguments are the year-round foliage, the attractive star-shaped flowers in yellow, white or rosé and, last but not least, the long-lasting flowering period from May to the first frosts. Depending on their location, the plants need sheltered quarters in winter.

Lucky Berry® fig

The Lucky Berry® family is growing and growing: The Lucky Berry® fig is the sixth member of the family to join the popular berry bushes and provides an extra long snacking pleasure. The fruits not only taste delicious, they also contain many healthy ingredients. The special thing about the Lucky Berry® fig is that the fruits can be harvested fresh from your own garden for 4 months.

Sweet Symphony® Blue

A real symphony of flavours: the 3 varieties of Sweet Symphony® Blue combine everything you would expect from a blueberry in your own garden.

Berries that are more than 1,5 cm in diameter, with a sweet, juicy and fruity taste and a plenty of vitamins. Thanks to their compact growth they are also excellently suitable as a container plant on the terrace. With this selection of varieties, delicious fruits can be harvested from July to September.

Get to know our innovations and visit us at our stand 7F11 in hall 7 at the end of January - we look forward to seeing you!